Seen and Heard Around the Conference

Lost But Rarely Found

Lost cell phone? Purse? Or maybe a pair of eyeglasses? Rest assured you’re not the only one at AASA’s national conference in Los Angeles.

“We’ve had about three lost cell phones, one to two purses, one iPhone, [a pair of] eyeglasses and a driver’s license,” AASA staffer Sherri Montgomery said at the conference’s Information Kiosk.

AASA has attempted to help locate lost items, but so far, it has been turning out to be more a case of people reporting that they lost their belongings, rather than people coming up with lost items for AASA to identify and return to their original owners, she said.

But, on an optimistic note, the relative dearth of lost items is a high note. “I’d say that there are less [missing] items than in previous conferences,” Montgomery said.

Merchandise With New Logo

The AASA bookstore had a new product line -- tumblers, caps, polo shirts, T-shirts and iPad cases firmly stamped with the new AASA logo.

“Before, we sold books and … ties and scarves,” bookstore manager George Karamihas said. Although both are still featured prominently in the bookstore, the new additions to AASA merchandise have occupied a notable space in the store.

“Because of the new logo, we wanted to do something different,” he said.

One Long-time Attendee

Peter Corona made it to the AASA conference for the 55th time, surely a record, traveling from his home in Walnut Creek, Calif.

“I’m going to beat Joe Dimaggio,” he claimed, noting that in two years, he’ll make it to his 57th AASA conference. (Dimaggio had a 56-game hitting streak in baseball.)

“I’m always pleased to meet the old friends but also make new friends,” he said.

(Compiled by Jay P. Goldman with contributions from Conference Daily Online staff members.)