AASA Supports House ESEA Flexibility Bill

Date: July 07, 2011

Earlier today, House Education and the Workforce Committee Chair John Kline (R-MN) announced the third piece in the House ESEA reauthorization effort. The State and Local Funding Flexibility Act, which this blog covered way back in May, would provide LEAs with expanded flexibility in how they use ESEA funds while maintaining the reporting requirements needed for prudent state and federal oversight.You can read about/listen to the interview here. We will post text as soon as it is publicly available.

While most of the blog post referenced above is correct, I want to clarify some of the content in the bill. LEAs have total flexibility within and between all programs in ESEA. They can move ESEA dollars into Section 613(f) of IDEA. Reporting requirements stay in place for all titles and programs (our initial discussion indicated that it was only for Titles I and III and those that weren't drained through flexibility).

AASA supports the legislation, and sent a letter to Chairman Kline conveying our support.

UPDATED: Read more on the AASA blog!