One Size Can't Fit All: Evaluating PreK-3 Teachers

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AASA is a member of a Pre-K coalition that is hosting a webinar you might find interesting:

One Size Can't Fit All: Developing Smart Policies to Evaluate PreK-3 Teacher Effectiveness: Teacher effectiveness has emerged as a critical – and intensely-debated – issue in education reform. In particular, the notion of including student growth data as one major component of teacher evaluations has caught policymakers’ attention. According to Education Week, eight states passed laws to make such practice a requirement in 2011. More are likely to follow suit in 2012. But what does this mean for the early grades, from pre-k through third grade? While student growth data can be derived in 4th through 8th grades from standardized tests, schools and districts cannot rely on this data in the untested grades and subjects, which by one estimate, account for about 70% of students.

This webinar will highlight research and examples of new approaches, especially from the early learning field, that can inform state policies related to assessments of Pre-K-3 teacher effectiveness. After the discussion, participants will understand important guiding principles and critical factors to consider when crafting these policies. We invite governors’ education advisors, Pre-K-12 administrators at the state and local levels, and education advocates to join this conversation.

Tuesday, November 8, 3-4 pm ET

Register today!

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