American Jobs Act, FAST Act

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Last month, President Obama announced the American Job Act. I covered the education-related aspects in an earlier post.

The House has indicated it is unlikely to take up the bill for consideration. The Senate is expected to bring it to the floor sometime next month, subject to a 60 vote, which will likely prove elusive. As much as President Obama is actively advocating for his jobs plan, the fact is that the votes may not be there.

That said, there is something you can do. The education-related components of the President's jobs plan--including $30 billion for educator jobs and $25 billion for school modernization/renovation--have been pulled into a stand alone bill, Fix America's Schools Today (FAST) Act. it has been introduced in both chambers, by Rep. DeLauro (HR 2948) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (S 1597).

What can you do? Urge your delegation to support the FAST Act. Call them today and let them know how crucial those dollars would be for saving/retaining educator jobs and for providing needed funds for school repairs.

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