Strategic Compensation Online Courses

Learn how to build and implement a thoughtful, focused strategic compensation model to advance your education-improvement goals.


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The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) is pleased to offer a series of online courses developed by Battelle for Kids to help school leaders build understanding around strategic compensation as an educational-improvement strategy and provide districts that are considering these reforms with critical information to guide the implementation of a compensation model that works to advance their goals.

The courses feature interactive activities, video commentary and organizational templates to guide instruction, while giving educators the flexibility to learn any time, any pace, any place.

Learn about:

  • The history of educator compensation practices
  • The components that make up compensation programs
  • How to use data appropriately and incorporate multiple measures into a compensation model
  • How to design and implement a strategic compensation plan that is tied to a district-wide improvement framework using collaborative teams, professional development, communications and change management, technology solutions and more.

Strategic Compensation Online Courses


SC0001: Provocative Thinking about Strategic Compensation
Looking back to look forward, explore human motivation theories and begin thinking about why you might consider paying teachers differently in your district. Gain a perspective of the history and current national landscape of educator compensation and why the current systems are being challenged.


SC0002: Total Compensation
Learn about the elements and current trends that comprise a total compensation package. Explore and reflect on strategic compensation programs that depict various degrees of implemented compensation changes.

SC0003: Measuring Performance
Understand the importance of measurement in a strategic compensation program. Explore various measurement tools and the quality of data used.


SC0004: Designing, Aligning and Synergy
Investigate the vital behaviors needed to implement a pay-for-performance program. Examine best practices in convening a design committee and aligning your model with your core beliefs.

SC0005: Communicating and Branding
Discover best practices for communicating about your strategic compensation plan and how branding and messaging is a part of a comprehensive communication plan.

SC0006: Making your Program Operational
Examine how to make the best of the available data systems. Explore ways to determine eligibility through various phases for a smooth payout process.

SC00CP: Culminating Project
Synthesize your learning by creating a PowerPoint that provides your staff with an overview of the components of a well-designed strategic compensation program.

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